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Paws for Peace
Spoiled Rotten DogzSpoiled Rotten Dogz DecalPaws for Peace 4" x 6" oval.  Long lasting  weather resistant vinyl.   Ideal for cars, trucks, or suv's
Now $3.25
Dogbag Duffel Blue
Dogbag duffel in solid BLUE with BLACK PAWS includes 1 roll of tie-handle bags on a roll, plus 1 refill roll. 100% degradable & earth friendly clean up poop bags. Made from recycled plastic.
Now $6.49
Dogbag Refill Rolls Red
Tie Handle Red Bags - Scented 4 Refill Rolls100% degradable poop bags, made from recycled plastics, earth friendly, easy to use tie handles and the highest quality. Four rolls of red, floral scented dog bags. Rolls fit into dog bag duffels. 12 bags on a roll.
Now $6.99
Bark-n-Bag Organic Denim Pet Carrier
Bark n Bag Organic Denim Pet CarrierDenim, the base of many great ensembles.  Setting the standard for Eco-Friendly pet carriers, Bark n Bag’’s Organic Denim Carriers were the first organic carrier introduced into the pet marketplace.  The denim is made of pesticide free organic cotton, bamboo rafters and an organic cotton absorbent liner.
Now $67.99
ECO KITTY PILLAR Honest Pet Products - Eco Catty Pillar, a totally sustainable, earth-friendly toy that cats love to bat and chase as it rolls.  Each colorful body part is made of organic, felted wool and is held together with natural hemp twine. A ½ inch jingle bell dangles from the Eco Catty Pillar's tail for added fun! The natural lanolin aroma is appealing to cats!  Eco Catty Pillar can be hand washed. The wool components are handmade by rural Nepal women supporting their impoverished families. In fact, $1.50 from every Eco Catty Pillar purchase goes directly to the Nepal families in need. 
Now $15.49
Snack 21 - Herring Steaks for Cats
Snack 21 - Herring Steaks for Cats100% Natural treats made only from dried Wild Pacific Herring. Ideal for pets with allergies to meat products and chemical additives. Absolutely no additives, preservatives, coloring or artificial flavoring. A natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids, protein, natural vitamins and minerals.Ingredients: 100% dried Wild Pacific Herring25gm Bag
Now $2.99
Wally Bear Blue 10"
Simply Fido - Wally Bear 10" Organic Plush Toy w/ Squeaker Simply Fido - Wally is approx. 10” plush organic toy bear and comes in blue. Cuddly buddies are irresistibly cute and oh-so soft. All our products are: Safe, non-toxic, all natural organic fabricPure water organic dye processSaliva resistantReduced toxicity and allergy levelsEnvironmentally friendly.Adorable Safe Fun!
Now $16.49
Stretch Fleece Pullover
Stretch Fleece PulloverGold Paw Series- Perfect Snugwear for Indoors and Out! Cloud fleece is buttery, stretchy, recycled polyester and 7% spandex for 4-way stretch. This comfy stretch fleece washes like a dream. The Gold Paw Fleece contains recycled polyester and 7% spandex for 4-way stretch. - See more at: Gold Paw Fleece contains recycled polyester and 7% spandex for 4-way stretch. - See more at: Paw's superb year round popover pet jacket is stretchier and softer than ever! Now in Plaid !! Our superb year round popover jacket is the best you’ll find anywhere! This is truly a fantastic and useful garment that you’ll reach for over and over again. The Gold Paw Fleece contains recycled polyester and 7% spandex for 4-way stretch. The finish is unbelievably soft, like velvet. It’s a pi...
Now $19.00

Hairball Survival

Help for handling this hairy phenomenon

By Rebekah Chotem

Hairballs are a natural outcome of your cat’s fastidious grooming routine, but that doesn’t mean you love cleaning them up!

CocoTherapy Cat Hairball Plus is made with only one ingredient—high-fiber organic coconut—to help cats pass hairballs more easily by adding moisture and bulk to their stool. It also supports healthy skin and coat (less shedding!) as well as digestive health and gastrointestinal tract function, thereby preventing hairball formation.

Grooming tools that remove excess and loose hair, like the Honest Pet Products Grooming Brush, are your best friend in hairball prevention. This brush has soft natural boar bristles on one side and safety detangling/messaging pins on the other side to help remove undercoat and loose hair—purrfect! (Bonus: less cat hair on your couch!)

What are hairballs?
Hairballs are the natural result of your cat grooming herself and swallowing hair in the process. (Longhaired cats are more prone to hairballs but all cats can experience them.) A cat’s digestive system is generally able to process the hair and, ideally, it simply passes through the intestinal tract, emerging in your cat’s feces. Sometimes, however, a tubular mass of hair is vomited instead, which is what is commonly referred to as “coughing up a hairball” (ew).

Adapted from Modern Cat Magazine

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