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Zogoflex Jive Ball - Eco-Toy Black
Black Jive Dog BallOur Jive® dog ball just got a little bit tougher (looking) and a lot greener! Due to the success of Black Hurley®, we’ve added a touch of black to our most durable dog ball to make it even more eco-friendly. 100% guaranteed against dog damageFloating dog toy: perfect for ponds and poolsUnique shape for an unpredictable bounce Small fits in standard ball thrower Three sizes - Large 3.25”, Small 2.6”, & Mini 2”
Now $7.50
Immune System Solutions Bites
Dr. Becker's Immune System Solutions BitesDr. Becker’s Immune Bites contains Inositol, Olive Leaf and Cat’s Claw, three natural supplements shown to balance, fortify and nurture natural defenses. A healthy pet supplement.  Ingredients: Beef Liver, Bison Liver, Inositol, Olive Leaf and Cat’s Claw. Made in the USA Healthy Dog Treats 
Now $17.99
Hemp Rope Toys
Good Dog Co. - Our interactive Hemp Rope toys are all natural 100% unprocessed hemp. Earth-Friendly, pet-friendly, these are toys that your dog can really sink its teeth into!
Now $6.99
Chig-R-Blok forms an effective all natural barrier against chiggers, ticks & mosquitoes. Deet-free repellent & treatment. Non-toxic. Children & dog safe. Effective herbal repellent against Chiggers, Ticks & Mosquitoes. Stops Chigger itch and heals bites fast. All Natural + Deet-Free + Lasts 5-8 hours + Keeps Chiggers and Ticks off. Repellent + Treatment + Stops Itching + Heals Bites FastChig-R-Block is for humans and dogs only. Not safe for cats.
Now $12.99
Doggie Walk Bag Tie Handle Bags - Box of 70 Pop Up Bags
Doggie Walk Bags Tie Handle Bags - Box of 70 Pop Up Bags. Folded tissue style to pop out of the top, one at a time. These pet clean up Bags are 100% Degradable! Made from recycled plastics, earth friendly, easy to use tie handles and the highest quality. Great for a single bag in your pocket or tying to your leash!
Now $9.45
Turtle - Eco Friendly Toy
West Paw Design - Our Turtle dog toy is no ordinary turtle - this turtle is helping the environment. What dog couldn't become best friends with this Eco-freindly dog toy? A long lasting squeaker is surrounded by recycled IntelliLoft® fiber fill within the Eco fabric shell that is also made of 100% post consumer recycled soda bottles. Your dog will agree, our turtle is more fun than the real thing! Fun Healthy Dog Toy!
Now $12.50
Organic Leaf Catnip
West Paw Design - Catnip aids in digestion, is harmless and non-addictive. A simple pleasure your cat will thank you for. Perfect for refilling our Catnip Shaker. No stems. No fillers. Always Premium. 1.5 oz.
Now $4.75
hemp blankets
our earthdog blankets are the perfect marriage of durable, colorful hemp canvas and soft, sumptuous recycled fleece. we use low impact, non-toxic procion dyes. they are incredibly soft and durable and easy to care for - just toss them in the machine and tumble dry low. so nice, you may keep it for yourself (we did)! choose from our 4 colors all with heather fleece. measures 42" x 58"
Now $110.00

Animal Titer Testing FAQs

by Shawn Messonnier, DVM
Featured in Animal Wellness Magazine ~ Vol. 17 Issue 4

Answering your questions about this alternative to annual vaccines.

Vaccinations can be both helpful and harmful. It all depends on how they’re used. In young dogs and cats, vaccines help establish immunity from infectious disease. But repeated and unnecessary vaccines can be harmful if the immune system reacts to them inappropriately and makes the animal ill.

Titer testing is a safe way to avoid over-vaccination while ensuring your companion remains protected from disease. This article will answer some common questions about vaccine titers.

Vaccine titer tests are simple blood tests that measure your animal’s antibodies to certain diseases. In most practices, these diseases include distemper, parvo and hepatitis virus for dogs, and rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and panleukopenia virus for cats. The titer is a number derived from testing your animal’s blood for antibodies against these diseases. A positive titer means your dog or cat has antibodies against a specific disease (the titer usually results from prior vaccination to the disease, or exposure to the disease). It indicates he is protected from the illness caused by that particular virus. For example, a positive titer to distemper virus indicates your dog is protected from distemper.

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Most holistic veterinarians do limited vaccinations for their puppy and kitten patients, using a series of immunizations to ensure adequate protective immunity without “overdoing it” like traditional doctors do. A limited booster series may be done one year following the final puppy or kitten vaccine visit, when the animals are approximately 18 months of age. Titer testing is then done the following year and continues annually for the life of the animal. Vaccines are given only when titer testing … read more

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