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Five-Star Blueberry Grain Free
Max & Ruffy's - Five-Star Blueberry (Grain Free)Wildly healthy, antioxidant rich, and delicious blueberries, creamy, smooth extra-virgin coconut oil and a hint of ginger make this a tantalizing treat that dogs love.  Treats come in two sizes, “original” size or “mini bites” which are perfect for small dogs or training treats.Grain Free, Wheat free, soy free, corn free and GMO free USA Made by Max & Ruffy's in our own bakery in Rockville, MD 5oz Mini / training size - Approx Calories Per Treat:  2 Approx Treats Per 5oz Pouch: 290 8oz original - Approx Calories Per Treat:  12Approx Treats per 8oz pouch: 64
Now $5.25
Peace Love Dogs - Oval Magnet
Peace Love Dogs - Oval Magnet Great for cars, trucks, mailboxes or anything magnetic! These oval magnets measure 6" wide x 4" tall. All our magnets are: • Made in the USA• Screen-printed with long-lasting UV stable inks on a heavy-weight magnetic material
Now $4.75
Jerry the Giraffe
JAX & BONES Jerry Giraffe Rope ToyJerry the Giraffe Good Karma Rope Toy is hand-tied and dyed using non-toxic vegetable dyes. As your doggie chews, the rope toy frays and acts like doggie dental floss. Dip toy in water and freeze to cool down a hot dog or soothe a teether. This toy is for heavy chewers.Jerry the Giraffe Sm 9" is Best for dogs under 20lb. Jerry the Giraffe Lg  12" is Best for dogs 20lb.-60lb.
Now $12.99
BaaBaa Black Sheep Organic Cotton Crocheted Toy
Knit Knacks Organic Dog ToyBaaBaa Black SheepThese adorable and fun toys are made especially for the smaller (or gentler) dogs, from soft, 100% organic cotton with tightly woven threads that act as a natural tooth cleaner. Organic cotton AND a squeaker inside You can feel good about letting your small dogs play with these toys. They are made from 100% organic cotton, are tightly crocheted with squeakers that excite during play.Dimensions: Approximately 5.5"H
Now $11.99
Stuffed ECO OWL BUDDYHonest Pet ProductsYou are your dog’s best friend. The Eco Owl Buddy will be his second-best friend. It’s a natural hemp toy for him to carry around and snuggle with. The Eco Owl Buddy toys are made by disabled adults in Green Bay, Wisconsin. • Outer layer: 100% natural, sustainable HEMP canvas   Inner layer: organic wool• Available in three sizes: 6” for dogs up to 20 pounds, 8” for dogs 20 to 50 pounds, and 10” for dogs over 50 pounds• Machine washable and dryable• Non-toxic! Lead-free! Chemical-free!
Now $13.49
Play More Wag More Oval Magnet
Play More Wag More Oval MagnetGreat for cars, trucks, mailboxes or anything magnetic! These oval magnets measure 6" wide x 4" tall. All our magnets are: • Made in the USA• Screen-printed with long-lasting UV stable inks on a heavy-weight magnetic material
Now $4.75
Cable Knit Sweater - Green
Handmade Wool Dog Sweaters. Our dog sweaters are a green product because the wool from our sweaters is natural, from free range sheep whose food source is chemical free, organic.These natural dog sweaters are hand knit without electricity. Even our content label is hand-sewn in. We do not use wasteful, ridiculous packaging for our sweaters. We employ Indigenous Indians in the Highlands of the Andes Mountains where work is scarce and life is hard. They are beautiful people who rely on us for work to support their community and families. The dyes used for our sweaters come from plants and other natural resources (grey and cream are not dyed). Helping others and keeping our planet clean and green has always been and will always be our way of business and life. 
Now $31.95
Duluth Double Fleece Pullover
Duluth Double Fleece Pullover Gold Paw Series - When you need serious warmth, keep your dog seriously toasty in our new two-layer reversible Gold Paw Double Fleece. Cloud fleece is buttery, stretchy, recycled and washes like a dream. Two layers of unbelievably soft, stretch fleece join forces to create an outstandingly comfortable and warm coat for your dog (or cat!). No velcro, no sleeves, no chafing, just pure comfort. Featuring 4-way stretch from our 7% spandex fleece, recycled content, machine washable durability... it's an awesome new garment for our deep winter doggies!
Now $33.00

Beach etiquette and safety for dogs

by Sandra Murphy

Making sure your dog minds his manners when he’s at the beach helps keep things fun and safe for everyone.

A growing number of beaches allow dogs – great news for those of us who love the sand and surf, and want to share them with our canine companions. But it’s important to keep in mind that even the most dog-friendly beach has rules and regulations for keeping the space safe, fun and healthy for everyone, human and canine alike. It’s important to follow these regulations, and also to make sure your dog is on his best behavior when he’s cavorting on the sand or playing in the waves.

Behavior basics for the beach

Rules can differ from beach to beach, so check them out carefully before taking your dog. For example, some beaches only allow dogs at certain times — before or after sunbathers make use of it, or during off-season periods only. Other beaches may have specific areas for dogs, and don’t allow them elsewhere. There may also be rules about leash length (6’ to 10’feet in general), keeping the dog under control (this includes barking), showing a current rabies tag, and the maximum distance the dog can be from the handler.
Ensuring your dog is well-trained is the next important factor.
“The best thing you can teach your dog before you go to the beach is a solid recall, even around distractions,” says Trish Loehr, a certified professional dog trainer in North Carolina. “This will prevent pretty much all the problems you might have. It keeps your dog from being a nuisance toward other dogs and beachgoers, who may not appreciate the unbridled affection of your wet, sandy pup.” Decide how far away from you your dog remains trustworthy and constantly practice recalls when he nears that point. Take a … read more

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