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Sliders | Tender Chicken & Cheddar
Clear Conscience Pet Tender Sliders are a breakthrough in tender meat treats. They contain no glycerin or other humectants that can cause a surge in blood sugar. Just like a plate of sliders at the pub, these treats have real chicken, tomatoes and other veggies!4oz. stand up pouchSliders® are made in the USA in government inspected plants. Choose American Beef from humane-audited ranches, or vegetarian fed, hormone & antibiotic-free chicken. Add our own blend of Organic Flax for Omega 3 fatty acids and air dried SuperVeggies™ for phytonutrients and you have a holistically balanced meat snack that can’t be beat.Clean Healthy Dog Treats!
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The Tick Key
Made in the USA. Tick Key Is The Easiest-To-Use Tick Remover On Earth! Place the key over the tick in the teardrop hole. Slide the tick into specially tapered slot. Pull key away from tick sliding along the skin. The Tick is removed easily, head and all! This patent pending design has been perfected and tested for over five years and is responsible for the removal of thousands of ticks of all sizes including deer ticks and dog ticks.TICKKEY is the only tick removal device on the planet that uses natural forward leverage to remove the entire tick, head and all, quickly and safely without touching or squishing even the toughest engorged ticks. Tick key is 99.9% effective on the safe removal of all sizes and types of ticks from people and pets. Assorted colors
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Organic Catnip Shaker
Shake it up a bit! West Paw Designs organic catnip shaker makes pampering your pal so much easier! Rub a healthy pinch full between your fingers to release the aroma and sprinkle on a plate, scratching post, or even on their food. Catnip aids in digestion. Harmless and non-addictive, catnip is a simple pleasure your cat will thank you for. No stems. No fillers. Always Premium.
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ECO KITTY CATCHER  From a cat’s viewpoint, the Eco Kitty Catcher is the best invention since the ball of yarn. It’s bamboo pole, hemp twine and natural wool worm provide hours of interactive play. The worm is handcrafted by rural Mongolian women supporting their impoverished families and protecting the snow leopards in Mongolia. The toy is assembled by disabled adults in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Every Purchase helps eliminate poverty and protect the snow leopards in Mongolia Approximately 6" long worm made of 100% natural sheep's wool, 12" bamboo pole, 6' of hemp twine For best results, hand wash worm in cold water Assorted colors using natural vegetable dyes 
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Oscar Monkey 10"
Simply Fido 10" Oscar the Monkey Organic Plush Toy w/ SqueakerSimply Fido - Oscar is approx. 10” Plush, organic dog toy monkey comes with squeaker.  These cuddly buddies are irresistibly cute and oh-so soft. All our products are: Safe, non-toxic, all natural organic fabric • Pure water organic dye process • Saliva resistant • Reduced toxicity and allergy levels • Environmentally friendly. Adorable Safe Healthy!
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Hemp Tuckered Out
We originally made this dog bed for older or injured pups—now, it’s got a cult following with dual-natured dogs who like headrests and easy exits.  Our classic Tuckered Out® Bed gets a luxurious yet earth-friendly update from classy, odor-repelling hemp.Tuckered Out® Dog Beds feature a two-pillow design for an easier entry for puppies and sore, stiff mature dogs to climb in and out of with a rounded rear bolster for support. Entire bed is washer and dryer-friendly for an easy clean. Tuckered Out® Dog Beds merge the best of high-fill pillow dog beds and flat dog mats—the comfort and support of a pillow bed, with the effortless entry of a dog mat.The Tuckered Out dog bed is available in four sizes for easy entry of young and old dogs of every size.
Now $85.99
Simply Fido - Beginnings 4" Yellow Duck w/ Squeaker
Simply Fido - Beginnings 4" Yellow Duck w/ Squeaker Beginnings Duck - 4” plush Duck comes in Yellow with a squeaker in the belly. These cuddly buddies are irresistibly cute and oh-so soft.All our products are:  Safe, non-toxic, all natural organic fabricNon-Toxic Low Eco Impact DyesSaliva resistantReduced toxicity and allergy levelsEnvironmentally friendly.
Now $8.49
Dogbag Refill Rolls Blue
100% degradable poop bags, made from recycled plastics, earth friendly, easy to use tie handles and the highest quality. Four rolls of blue, baby powder scented dogbags. Rolls fit into dogbag duffels. 12 bags on a roll.
Now $6.99

10 Secrets Your Dog Isn’t Telling You

…from modern dog magazine


#1 I’m not just taking my time

There is a reason why dogs spin around before going to the bathroom and it has nothing to do with endeavouring to make you late for work. A study published in the journal Frontiers in Zoology found that dogs poop in alignment with Earth’s magnetic field. After observing 70 dogs—made up of 37 breeds—over two years, a clear preference for an alignment with the north-south axis was documented, with the east-west avoided. Just why they instinctually prefer this positioning for defecation and how exactly they perceive the magnetic field is still unclear, but at least we know what all that spinning around is about. So patience, please. Genius at work.

#2 Different dogs prefer different types of beds

When choosing a bed for me, please pay attention to how I sleep. If I like to curl up, I’d probably love a bumper bed, but if I usually sleep with my legs sticking straight out, I’d prefer a flat bed without sides or bolsters. Also, many dogs also like to have a blanket to cover themselves up with. Just sayin’.

#3 Just because I’m wagging my tail…

…doesn’t mean I’m friendly or in a good mood. We dogs also sometimes wag our tails when we’re agitated, annoyed or angry. Pay attention to my tail’s positioning. A loose, hip-swaying, wiggly, side-to-side wag usually means I’m happy to see you, whereas a tail held high and stiff that’s rigidly wagging means I am in a state of high excitement or agitation. Also look for tense muscles, particularly in the face, dilated pupils and pinned ears—these are not signs of a relaxed dog.


#4 I like to be challenged

We dogs are smart and we like games that make us think. We would appreciate you hiding cookies around the house for … read more

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