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Feburary Specials
Hemp Canvas Bones Leash
Come walk with me--especially when you use our hemp canvas leash.Soft and lightweight 55% hemp, 45% Certified Organic cotton adorned with high-quality ribbon. Our hemp canvas leashes feature a high quality swivel lock snap hook .Available in length: 6'Available in two widths: 1" or 3/4".The canvas in our leashes wear in nicely and have a great hand feel while walking your dog.Machine Washable.
Now $23.99
Organic Dog Skin Relief Treatment
Dog Skin Relief Healing Treatment NOW in 1oz. or 2oz."Miracle in a bottle" is the best way to describe this product! It has been observed that itchy skin, paw chewing, constant licking and allergies in dogs have become more common than ever before. Like us, animals get bitten, stung, have allergic reactions to insects or many other irritants, or even get sunburned. Excessive licking, chewing and scratching can lead to open sores, setting your dog up for a skin infection. Our organic skin relief formula aids in all of these situations including hot spots.
Now $8.75
Hemp Rope Toys
Good Dog Co. - Our interactive Hemp Rope toys are all natural 100% unprocessed hemp. Earth-Friendly, pet-friendly, these are toys that your dog can really sink its teeth into!
Now $6.99
Pure 100% Wild Salmon Dog & Cat Treats 8oz
Wild Alaskan Salmon Filet 8oz. Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon caught by fisherman we work with directly. Our salmon is shipped directly to Boston where it is skinned, de-boned and cubed then right off to our facility in Western Massachusetts where its freeze dried to perfection. 8oz. Box Salmon filet cubes make the ideal daily snack for both dogs and cats. They are full of healthful Omega 3 oils which have many proven health benefits for pets. Our salmon treats have a firm texture with strong salmon flavor and aroma. If your pet likes fish, this is a sure winner.NOW AVAILABLE IN an 8oz. Box! 100% Pure Salmon. Ingredients: Human Grade wild line caught Alaskan salmon - Fished sourced in the USA-caught in Hoonah, Alaska. Pure Healthy Pet Treats!
Now $41.99
ECO FETCHER   Honest Pet Products - Eco-Friendly • Ultra Durable Finally, a fabric toy that can stand up to the toughest dogs! Made from HEMP! The STRONGEST Natural Fiber on Earth! It Flies! It Bounces! It Rolls! Available in three fetchable sizes: 5", 7" & 9"100% natural, sustainable HEMP canvasInner layer: 100% eco-felt Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial
Now $12.49
Snood Neck Warmer
Snood Neck WarmerGold Paw Series super toasty reversible neck warmer. Featuring 4-way stretch, recycled content and unbeatable heat retention. Soft Warm Eco Comfort!Available in four sizes and four beautiful colors.
Now $27.50
ECO KITTY COMETThe Eco Kitty Comet is truly natural fun for your cat!  Made with all new materials from sustainable hemp and natural wool, Eco Kitty Comet features: Natural clip to use as a handle while playing with your kitty or to clip onto object for independent play. 30" of durable, pet-safe twine. 1 1/2" solid hand felted wool ball provides natural lanolin scent cats love and is available in assorted colors. The "tail" is composed of colorful natural hemp twine and four safely secured jingle bells for extra fun!
Now $15.49
Organic Turtle Loofa
Organic Vegetable Loofah Dental Toy TurtleHip Doggie Organic Dental ToyAWARD WINNING 100% Organic Vegetable Dental Toy. Natural Meat flavored Teeth flossing, Shredding Toy. Meant to be Shredded and Destroyed! The shredding action flosses the teeth! Made of 100% Vegetable Loofah Plant. Loofah is a vegetable! Solid Loofah Vegetable, No Stuffing Inside.Winner of multiple Editor's Choice and ECO Excellence Awards! Small Turtle Measures: 6"Large Turtle Measures: 9"
Now $4.99

Hairball Survival

Help for handling this hairy phenomenon

By Rebekah Chotem

Hairballs are a natural outcome of your cat’s fastidious grooming routine, but that doesn’t mean you love cleaning them up!

CocoTherapy Cat Hairball Plus is made with only one ingredient—high-fiber organic coconut—to help cats pass hairballs more easily by adding moisture and bulk to their stool. It also supports healthy skin and coat (less shedding!) as well as digestive health and gastrointestinal tract function, thereby preventing hairball formation.

Grooming tools that remove excess and loose hair, like the Honest Pet Products Grooming Brush, are your best friend in hairball prevention. This brush has soft natural boar bristles on one side and safety detangling/messaging pins on the other side to help remove undercoat and loose hair—purrfect! (Bonus: less cat hair on your couch!)

What are hairballs?
Hairballs are the natural result of your cat grooming herself and swallowing hair in the process. (Longhaired cats are more prone to hairballs but all cats can experience them.) A cat’s digestive system is generally able to process the hair and, ideally, it simply passes through the intestinal tract, emerging in your cat’s feces. Sometimes, however, a tubular mass of hair is vomited instead, which is what is commonly referred to as “coughing up a hairball” (ew).

Adapted from Modern Cat Magazine

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