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ABACA-DABRA Tug Toy "Manila Hemp"


Natural fiber rope toys. Made from Abaca, one the strongest natural fibers in the world.

Anti-microbial, bio-degradable, natural. Dogs love the irresistible texture that cleans teeth.

Small size has 3 knots Large size has 4 knots

Responsibly harvested and produced in the Philippines.

Hand-woven from a natural fiber called Abaca (a-bah-kah) and often referred to as "Manila Hemp" because it has all of hemp's awesome qualities!


Abaca is widely grown in the Philippines where our toys are 100% hand-woven in a socially-responsible and eco-friendly environment.
 What is abaca?
Abaca, a cousin of the banana plant, has a number of “magical” properties. 
First, it is one of the strongest natural fibers in the world! It even gets stronger when it’s wet. Thus, it has been used for centuries for ships’ ropes. It is also naturally anti-microbial and bio-degradable. 
Abaca grows bountifully in the Philippines where villagers across these islands have used it for thousands of years for everything from baskets to furniture to thatched roofing. 

2. Why abaca for dogs?
First, dogs love the natural texture of Abaca. The rough texture is also wonderful for cleaning their teeth (much better than cotton rope toys.) Due to it's anti-microbial properties, it's a perfect match for down and dirty doggie playtime.
3. Can my dog ingest/eat abaca?
Like any other dog toy, we do not recommend your dog eat abaca. These toys are intended to satisfy your dog’s urge to chew, tug-o-war, fetch and general fun time. But, if you see your dog eating the toy, we suggest taking it away immediately. Like all dog toys, we do NOT recommend these for eating, but if accidentally ingested (yeah, we know dogs!), this natural fiber is surely a safer bet!
4. Is the colored dye safe?
Yes! We have carefully sourced our food-grade dyes and ensured that they are 100% lead free. If any of you dog owners are brave enough to own a white couch or bed spread, we’d suggest not risking the small possibility of the color “bleeding” onto them.
5. How and where are Abaca-Dabra toys made? 
They are 100% hand-woven by some extremely talented artisans in remote villages. There are no machines and no pollution. In many areas there is not even electricity. There ARE some very beautiful beaches, picturesque huts and colorful marketplaces filled with fresh goods. Temperatures often soar into the 100s with 100% humidity.  People appreciate the simpler things in life here and take tremendous pride in their work.
 6. Does purchasing an Abaca-Dabra toy make a difference?
Absolutely! The artisans who make your toys are extremely enthused to bring their native plant, abaca, and their unique talents to the world. By doing this, they are able to support their families and continue to grow and improve their local communities. It is truly a win-win for all of us, even the doggies!


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