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SuperGravy for Dogs & Cats
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Clear Conscience Pet SuperGravy Food Topper

Short Dated Sale: Best by date 1/25/18

Dramatically increase palatability for pets who may be:

  • Simply very picky eaters
  • Losing their appetites due to aging
  • Dealing with serious illnesses, including animals with cancer who may be receiving chemotherapy
  • Forced to switch from their preferred foods to less tasty “prescription diets” as part of veterinary treatment

In all of these situations, SuperGravy® can be the solution to revitalized appetites. In some cases, getting an older or ill pet to eat consistently can literally be a lifesaver.

Use instead of cans for delicious taste and hydration!

Humanely sourced organ meats: Liver and heart from grass fed, free range raised beef are concentrated in SuperGravy®. Organ meats are one of the best sources of A and B vitamins, minerals, taurine, Coenzyme Q 10, and high quality protein.

Aztec Omegas™: Chia seed, (Salvia hispanica L) is revered as the “miracle food” of the ancient Aztecs. It is an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids, and a powerful antioxidant. SuperGravy® is one of the rst holistic pet products to use Chia.

Organic SuperVeggies™: Spinach, pumpkin, and carrots, all “superfoods,” are added in concentrated form to provide immune boosting phytonutrients.

Formulated for dogs, cats, and ferrets of all ages, breeds, sizes, and lifestyles, simply add water and mix to turn your pet's food into a delicious, healthier superfood. Clear Conscience Pet SuperGravy contains "superfoods" such as spinach, pumpkin and carrots, which provide immune boosting phytonutrients, as well as humanely sourced organ meats like liver and heart from grass fed, free range raised bison and beef, providing one of the best sources of A and B vitamins, minerals, taurine, and high quality protein. Turn your pet's average food into a superfood! 

SuperGravy® CleanLabel™ Food Topper & Recipe Mix

Ingredients: Organic beef liver, beef liver, organic beef heart, beef heart, cold milled chia seed, organic beef kidney, beef kidney, dried organic spinach, dried organic pumpkin, dried organic carrot, ascorbic acid (natural preservative and source of vitamin C)

4.5oz. stand up pouch Scoop Included

Sourcing Philosophy

All Clear Conscience Pet® products are made in the U.S.A. from the highest quality, human grade, all natural ingredients. We have worked extensively to develop a network of family ranchers, farmers, and processors with an emphasis on free-range, grass-fed, or organically raised sources. All meat ingredients are required to come from government inspected, humane audited facilities  We are strong believers in the humane animal husbandry principles espoused by the pioneering humane livestock systems developer, Dr. Temple Grandin.* We do extensive testing  of ingredients as well as finished products to insure safety and wholesomeness.

  • Analysis: Crude protein (min): 50%; Crude Fat (min): 18%; Crude Fiber (max): 3%; Moisture (max): 10%; Carbohydrate (max): 15%; Perfectly Balanced fatty acid profile: Omega 3: 2.7% Omega 6: 2.7% DHA + EPA (min): .10%

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