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Pure 100% Wild Salmon Dog & Cat Treats 8oz Discounts Apply !
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Pure 100% Wild Salmon Dog & Cat Treats 8oz

Wild Alaskan Salmon Filet 8oz. Box

Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon caught by fisherman we work with directly. Our salmon is shipped directly to Boston where it is skinned, de-boned and cubed then right off to our facility in Western Massachusetts where its freeze dried to perfection. 8oz. Box

Salmon filet cubes make the ideal daily snack for both dogs and cats. They are full of healthful Omega 3 oils which have many proven health benefits for pets. Our salmon treats have a firm texture with strong salmon flavor and aroma. If your pet likes fish, this is a sure winner.

Whole Life salmon is completely natural-we don’t ever add coloring agents.  Our treats have a very natural look that varies throughout the season based on which species of salmon is being used. The later in the fishing season, the more pale salmon flesh becomes. Early season, salmon flesh is brighter. You will see this change reflected in our treats throughout the year.

All of the logistics in our fish supply chain are managed by Red’s Best in Boston. The quality of their products, direct connection to their fisherman, commitment to the environment and sustainable fishing methods are just a few reasons why Red’s Best is the only way Whole Life purchases fish.

100% Pure Wild Salmon. Ingredients: Human Grade wild line caught caught Alaskan salmon - Fished sourced in the USA-caught in Hoonah, Alaska.

Pure Healthy Pet Treats! 8oz  Box

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Ingredients:

    100% Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon

  • Crude Protein: 52% Min
  • Crude Fat: 28% Min
  • Crude Fiber: 1% Max
  • Crude Moisture: 2% Max

Higher Nutrient Levels:  High heat production methods used for making dry food and treats cook out vital nutrients.  Freeze drying is not a cooking method which allows us to maintain each ingredient's full nutritional value.

No Preservatives:  Freeze drying takes moisture levels down so low it actually preserves products in their natural state.  It's the only way to make treats and food shelf stable without any preservatives.

Highest Palatability: Water doesn't have much flavor!  When you remove it, you concentrate natural flavor and aroma.  Freeze drying creates more intense flavor than any other type food or treat.

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