7 Fun Things to Do with Your Dog When You’re Stuck Indoors

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By Animal Wellness

Stuck indoors with your fur babes? Here’s a list of ways you can entertain them – and yourself!
If the weather is bad or you’re practicing social distancing, you’re going to be spending a lot of time stuck indoors with your dogs and cats. Luckily, there are a number of ways to keep them (and yourself) entertained and active!

Stay fit
1. Stair work: If you have a closed set of stairs inside your home, use it to play fetch with your pup! Throw a ball or his favorite toy up the stairs to give him a great workout.

2. Obedience training: Why not use this time to improve your dog’s skills? Break out your training books or research some training articles and videos online.

3. Create an indoor obstacle course: Use the things in your home to make a new and exciting game you can both enjoy – a dog obstacle course! 

Get crafty
4. Switch up your interior design: Not sure how to use your free time? Create a dedicated area just for your pet! 

5. DIY art projects for shelter dogs: Get the whole family involved in arts and crafts while you’re stuck indoors! You can create thoughtful gifts for animals in shelters, and the amazing volunteers who help.

Make every night family night
6. Spend quality time together: In our busy, modern world, getting time together can be tough. Ensure your pet gets the quality time he needs and deserves!

7. Watch movies: Get together and snuggle up with your favorite movies and snacks! There are lots of pet-related movies you can enjoy with your furry friends.

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