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Deer Antler Dog Chews

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Provided by nature as a gift to dogs that love to chew on bones. Antlers are packed with calcium and minerals! There are many benefits to treating your pet to all natural Deer Antlers.

Antler dog chews contain no preservatives, chemicals, dyes or processed ingredients and are odorless. Antlers are long lasting, will not splinter or shred, and are much less likely to cause any stomach pain. Antlers will not stain carpets or furniture!

Antlers are hard inside and out, unlike bone, and will last even for the most voracious of chewers. Instead of splitting down the middle, possibly harming your dog's mouth, Antler Chew Toys stay hard and chip off, bit by bit. Perfect Pet Chews cares about the safety of our toys. That's why we've sanded down and rounded out all rough and sharp edges that could hurt the mouths of man's best friend.

Antler chew toys contain a wide variety of nutrients. Calcium keeps your dog's teeth in great shape, especially as they age and naturally lose bone density. Iron helps carry oxygen to every part of your dog's body. Zinc keeps your dog in fine health. There's no substitute for antler chews when it comes to slow releasing nutrients for your dog.

The antler tines naturally cast away from the deers head, so no harm comes to any deer in obtaining them. 

Keep your pet busy with a perfect chew toy while cleaning the tartar off their teeth. Pet experts recommend allowing your dog only eat through up to one inch of the tine per day, and always supervising your pet with chew toys. When the antler gets small enough to present a choking hazard, please replace it with a fresh one.

  • Will not shard off and hurt your pet

  • Source of calcium and other nutrients

  • Good for healthy teeth, gums and hair

  • No odor

  • 100% natural - no dye, no bleach, and no chemicals


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