Purpose Pet Food

Purpose Freeze-Dried Treats For Dogs & Cats

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Purpose Freeze Dried Treats are passionately prepared for your pet’s nutritional needs. Our meat comes from farms that are never administered antibiotics or hormones, as nature intended. Freeze drying locks in nutrients and concentrates natural flavor. Real, all natural free-range meats. That’s it! Single ingredient treats are also perfect for pets with allergies or on limited ingredient diet! Treat your dog or cat with the wholesome goodness they deserve with Purpose Freeze Dried Treats. Made in USA, USDA Inspected facilities.

We only partner with American family farmers and ranchers who are passionate about the land they preserve, and the animal they raise.

  • Single Ingredient Treats
  • Humanely Raised All Natural Meat
  • 100% Natural High Protein, Zero Carbs
  • Sourced and Produced in USA

Ingredients: 100% Natural Turkey Heart; 100% Chicken Hearts; 100% Beef Liver

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