Doggie Walk Bags

Dog Clean Up Refill Rolls 100% Degradable

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100% Degradable Tie Handle Dog Bags 

6 Rolls Per pack - 12 Bags Per Roll

The #1 Solution for your #2 Problem

Top Quality Bags -  Easy Tie Handles to close and knot the bag for a tight seal, Opaque Colors so no one can see what is in the bag and Reasonably Priced so bags can be used daily. Our bags have a special additive making them 100% degradable and are also made with post consumer Recycled Materials, giving plastic a second life.

Doggie Walk Bags is the original blue bag for picking up after your dog! Our Earth Friendly company was established in 1988, we have spent the past 25 years creating the ideal bag for dog nuisance pick-up, to help keep communities cleaner worldwide. A family-owned-and-operated business that employs not only immediate and extended family, but friends, neighbors and developmentally challenged students and young adults.

1. Place hand inside bag

2. Pick up nuisance

3. Invert bag inside-out

4. Knot handles to seal odor

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