Eco Easy Walk

ECO Easy Walk Harness & Leash

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Eco Easy Walk Dog Harness & Leash. Eco friendly webbing is made of 100% recycled milk cartons. A fantastic, environmentally friendly dog harness and leash. Now you've got an earth friendly no-pull option!

Traditional harnesses can actually encourage dogs to pull harder because of the “opposition reflex.” That’s the reflex that makes sled dogs do what they do. The Easy Walk Harness' unique front-chest leash attachment stops pulling by tightening slightly across your dog's chest and shoulder blades. The gentle pressure steers your dog to the side and redirecting his attention back towards you. The Eco Easy Walk Harness never causes coughing, gagging, or choking because the chest strap rests low across the breastbone, not on the delicate tracheal area.

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